Thursday, November 3, 2016

Looking For My Shadow


A snowy winter is predicted and soooon!  So I've been dashing about, planing and storinging away a long winter of provisions!  Warmth and a full snack cupboard will please the King of our treehouse and for me!  well we all know what I like!  
More magic and imagination! of course!  
I have recently been intrigued with Catherine de Medici , Queen of France, was one title. There is a TV series called Reign.  Mary Queen of Scots, the young years......and during her time in France as a child, young women.....,,,,,The Queen, was Catherine de Medici, and wow! I was drawn to this character, and wouldn't miss an to the library I went, and now ai must own this book!  No spoilers, but if you like her story, magic, and strong women, this is for you! 

In the discard bin I spotted a book screaming at me!    Book review to follow later! Hahahah! 

My wonderful little sister is slowly coming over to the Magick and gifted me this Gem!   It caught my complete attention, by page 25.........  promises to be a good one! I'm so pleased indeed! 

We have been up here in the North Pole, for over 5 years now, and tons of family drama in between! 
I function well in turmoil I must admit, but now, the waters are calm, for the most part, and I am back to a mere figure head of the family tree.
What to do, what to doooooo?  Well create of course!  Blue has never been a good colour for me, so I've been searching for my muse once again!  Hmmmm, now where did I leave that rascal!  

I signed up for a beginner class to search my creative soul!  Hahaha, Swiss cheese, holes and all! 
As well a Papermaking class in January , for the King & I to do together ( time away from snack cupboard!) .  Re- join which I joined tons of years ago and happy to be back!  
My Penpal gals and now Art swap Across the miles on FB...will give me deadlines to meet and procrastination a challenge! 

While my shadow is venturing who knows where? I am trying not to slip away from the looking glass!
Creative Mess Awaits!  xoDebi

Inner thoughts....painted magazine pages!  ( I'm a deep thinker!  Hahahah)

Swapping handcrafted postcard to Spain

ATC quilters pin rest to NJ USA

Autumn Tags to Maryland USA

I'm saving the rest for another time!  Please visit again!  Huge hugs and you ALL fuel my 
Joy& Inspiration!  xoxoxoxoxoxDebi

Monday, October 3, 2016

Reflective, Restless, Autumn

My favorite season holds many fond memories for me.  This is the season for full bloom, life out loud, 
up close inventory and serious life planning.  I've moved home for the uncountable time and this maybe why I am dragging my creative heart.  It's like sitting in a room full of mirrors, and for me this is torture.  One early morning dream awoke me whispering, " where's my dream", another, I awoke with 
" it's not over yet!".  You don't have to be Dr. Phil to see what this is about.  Soon I will be the only female to live so long, this could be weighing on me as well. See what starts when you dwell on. Yourself for toooo long! My Nana's voice screams at me about WILL power, and my quiet Grandmother reflection appears with her deep brown , gripping eyes, assuring me I'm strong enough.

Our Thanksgiving celebration is next weekend and I choose to release the guilt of what I wasn't and 
gather the gifts of those I struggled to hold dear.  I have so much to be grateful for, I am no longer a scared young girl, sitting alone under a tree in a park, wondering what to do next, I am no longer afraid of tomorrow and I have the gift of reason and intuition which has served me well.

My eldest grandson has resently told me he is proud of his Dad, because he never gives up!  This 
gripped my heart till I could not breath, I hugged him tightly and said " that's what love is" 
This was my " meaning of life moment.   I think when your children become better humans than 
their parents, your job is complete, it reflects in their children.  

My creative space is still a place of confusion.  Sewing, knitting, mixed medium crafting oh my!
Virtual friends and PenPals hold me to participating, reminding me WE must keep expressing our souls!

My husband sensed my disconnect, and enthusiastically dug into a birthday gift/ project for 
my son!s 35th birthday today.  He ( my son) has been so busy with life and his new home, the shed that holds Necessary home tools and the boys sports equipment was in dire need of renovation befor our cruel Winter or it would surely perish.  My husband couldn't have been more right, I went tunnel vision for two days, and thankfully he is a skilled woodworker, we stripped off the old, re enforced the new and painted it brand spanking NEW!    Yes I got grouchy, my finger bleed and Brad got sunburned, 
but it was worth it when my son's shining eyes said " thank you!"



TA DAW............Great Aunti approves! ( my little sister💜)

October ......... Off to a wonderful start! Fresh boards, fresh paint!  Now what can I 
get involved in next?   Where did I store my Hallow's Eve decor? Maybe I need to shop for more!

Always wonderful to have you visit me!  Black lipstick Kisses!  xoxoxoDebi

Monday, September 5, 2016

Studio View

The hardest unpack is still MY creative area! My mind is so unsettled to how I want it! I think the villain lies in perfection.  I am determined to conquer this issue, settle in and down by participating in a 30 Day Journal Project hosted by Lisa Sonora  

Inspiration found me , Crazed Poppet Creations aka Debbi D , sent me perfect images for my studio which have excited my imagination.   
Season of the Witch is stirred , thank you creative friend!

Top ...New Orleans Creole Beauty 2005

Bottom left...Hollywood Cemetery Virginia
            Right......St.Louis New Orleans 

Storyville Love

She was a Virginia Belle with a heart that loved true, adorned in flowers of pastel hues
He was a rounder of Storyville fame
A gambler and rambler 
Jazz was his game
They met and they loved with a fire that burned bright
But their lives took a turn in the heat of the night
She went back to Virginia, to a riverside grave
He rambled and gambled and went out in a blaze

Images accompanied with a tale will add enlist imaginative hours in my new creative space. 

Veiled Thoughts......Hollywood Cemetery Virginia

Creole Beauty....New Orleans 

Filled with emotion and so grateful  xoxoxoxoxo. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Lizard Brains! Completed!!!

Here we all are!  Some of US under even more snowfall and others enjoying everything else!  
#29faces is now complete! That only took me several attempts!  
Long time virtual friends and new virtual friends gave the steam ( wonderful comments all month) 
to melt my lizard brain and " shake it off"!  I am grateful to each and everyone, truly!  You curbed my procrastination and silenced negative critical tenancy.   

Day 28..............

OH NO......almost done!

Day 29!!!!!!!............... You All are ROYALTY to me!     Thank you xoxo

Thank you to Ayala Art.....for hosting a magnificent event!  Congratulations on YET
Another Successful year!  29 Faces 2016 !!!!!!

Special thank you and a bucket of hugs to Pen Parker for inspiring me each and everyday
and quietly holding me to the challenge!  xo

To each warm, supportive comment each day from " creative hearts" true   xoxoxoxo

Huge Hug of xoxoxo..Debi
don't forget to visit , I'm always up to something!   

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Winter White Whined Down? ✨

The last weekend of the 29 Faces Challenge!   I am catching up on creativeness, with an adorable butterscotch cocker spaniel, Mia!  Large male family is moving furniture, and the young ones are
playing hockey on an outdoor ice rink.   Hockey was more fun than Nana.

I am happy to have participated, and my largest realization is,,,..LIGHT.  The masters controlled it, 
I am in awe of each and every one!

Day 24........

Day 25........

These are a result of our latest weather, and my impatience for WARMTH!   
Thank you all very, very much!  xoDebi

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Carry On! Express Yourself✨✨✨

I requested a subscription to Art Doll Quarterly, last May, now my treasured references.  Last winter's 
Volume 11 issue 4, has the direct exercise in basic expression,  in sculpture form.   
I will continue to repeat this because as you see.......practise is inevitable !  Thank you to the author

Day 24.......,

Day 25.........

Thank you All!  xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Express Yourself ✨✨✨

During this 29 faces journey, I have been guided and supported by artists I admire and aspire 
to become.  Gently poking me and visiting me just when they sense I'm loosing my way.
Okay....exercise in the human face, without thinking toooo much ( easy for you to say Duchess! )

Art Doll Quarterly just had an exercise in " artistic expression".  Sounds good!  and watercolour
are forgiving, so let's give it a go!   

Day 22.......

Day 23.......,,,,,,

Thank you all !   I wouldn't have persevered this long, especially through frozen pipe bursts, 
without you!   xoxoxoxoDebi

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Drought is setting in✨

29 Faces Challenge is in the last week.  I have enjoyed watching many express themselves daily.  
Styles, techniques and composition expressed vigously .  For me, this has been a struggle, at times causing stress over the " time" and variety.  I am unsure of the objective, but for me, it has only 
told me, I lack direction.  This is not news, I believe to excell at anything, one needs focus and devotion to purpose.   This results in sacrifice of my priority list, oh and my least favorite...discipline! 

Priorities change, as does focus of interest.  Most creative hearts will admit to this.  For me, 
I have always been a curious person, I need change and challenge, undisciplined!

A favorite time was " Doll Dreams" curated by Ady Almanza.  These are my taught pieces
" Dia de la Muertos" 

Day 20 & 21.....................

I think I may revisit these lessons. 

Thank you for visiting and supporting me during this challenge.  xo

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm MELTING! ✨✨✨

I wish our Canadian gal  K.D. Lang would put out more of her wonderful music, 
I have missed her.

During my invasion of chaos and bursting water pipes, I run to my music collection.  I 
must endure life's " hiccups" I think " life" just wonders if I'm paying attention sometimes!

My CD...." Watershed" KD Lang, helped me conjure up two days!  It all started out bright 
and sunny, until
the power tools took over, so today's was a tad ....dark!  

Day 18 & 19.........

Thank you ALL for supporting me xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Whine Me Up! February 2016

Just when I slowly slip into creative bliss.....WHAM!  I've never liked February and this leaping pain in the ass month is true to form.  Work place accidents, Quick Mom were moving, I bought a house and the cherry on top....water pipe burst from next door, gushing into my living room down to the family room!  

Oh that's okay, I will snap out of my creative coma!   My art is behind and my 29faces have lost their 
Optimism.  Yes, the artist is holding her breath, squeezing in some bright colours and hoping for a drama free rest of the month? 
My friend, Pen Parker posts wonderful art ( 29faces as well) and quietly encourages me on!  
I can't let my virtual friend down, so's mud in your evil eye February.....

Day 15.......,

Day 16......

And today.........Day 17.......

I played with filters, borders and oh........a hat!   Think I will stay away from hats, work
on SMILES!    

Thank you all for supporting me! xo

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Creative Warmth

Half way and you ALL continue to inspire and support!   Huge Hug and " Thank You All ✨"

Day 13 & 14..............,,,

Hollys Horrorland Vampire Soirée 2016 ✨

I enjoy participating in Hollys annual event!  Thank you, for the fun! and perfect art button!

Rushing through my poetry books, I dropped Edgar's Poetry book.  Viola! it opens to 
" A Valentine" ....I slowly read his words......blah, blah, blah.  ( poor suffering Edgar)

Lightning bolt .......

I am Annabelle Lee
Love will never be
Only eternal thirst
Beyond forever my need..............

Jane Bronte ........

Thank you Holly and All............Xoxoxo

Friday, February 12, 2016

Palentine ✨ Long Weekend in Canada

The polar Vortex sent El Ninio packing!    In true Canadian fashion, weather never stops a party!
Feb 14 th Bloody Hearts Day is followed by my Provinces holiday, " Family Day" 
The coldest weekend of the winter season  Ontarians MUST have a long fishing hut weekend! In the MeMe city of Toronto, it is NBA weekend!   In my castle, it is hot chilli, binge Netflixs and my favorite
Bloody sucking movies!  ( oh and creative expression!)
Have a wonderful Weekend All!    

Day 12....,,.....

Thank you to ALL for visiting!  xoxoxoxo

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hidden ✨

Hello fellow participants!  -25c this morning, and headed for several days like that.  I must whip up some chilli and apple crumble to fuel the furnace!  Thank you ALL very much for visiting!  xo

Today..." Hidden"
Morning first light, splash awake and wipe by memories of difficult days.
Scares deepening with time, purple around knowing eyes and endless healing lips.
Life has left words on her face she can't erase.

Day 11..............

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

" Set Fire to the Rain" Adele

I love that song and the whole imaginary visions that can be conjured.  We are being consumed by the polar vortex , so to distract my chilling bones, RED is the colour of the day !

Day 10.........

Thank you for visiting!  ✨❤️✨

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Howling Husky and numb fingers✨

Well you can't buy the sounds of wilderness I have included in our rent.  The walls are as thin as rice paper, and every college students thinks getting a dog makes them a grown up., 
Next door I have the howl of a husky, every time the youngster/ I'm an adult now, leaves her townhouse. 
Yes! It is mood music and it's better than barking, unfortunately it lowers my body temperature even more than usual, so the creative process shows signs of cold and disbelief!  

Day 9..............

Thank you ALL for visiting, you warm my creative bones!  xo

Monday, February 8, 2016

Flip side✨

Well the polar vortex is heading my way! Winter is going out in a blazing cold snap and blowing snow!  
here at the North Pole hahahaah....
My twin ( Gemini girl). Is slowly coming through, to celebrate the " BloodSuckers" day! on Sunday.
Thank you ALL who have been so very supportive!  Let this challenge continue!

Day 8............

xo..........Oct. is in Australia @ little gothic horrors

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter's Weekend ✨

This has been quite the weekend bloggers!   I must keep up and with delight, my weekend 
#29faces illustrations.  

Day 6&7.........,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you ALL!   very much for visiting!  xo

Friday, February 5, 2016

TGIF.......Creative Hearts!

Sunny Days! today is anyway.  Where I live we have been spared this winter.  Only got -23C a few times, average about -15c then the tease of 4C.  My virtual friends to the west, well they have had it
much worse, but they are all chap wearing cowgirls and rodeo on!  

I amaze myself, 5 blog days!  Thank you to ALL who visit, it really makes my day✨✨

Day 5......... 29 Faces 2016

Vulgarity is no Substitute for Wit.....Dame Maggie Smith

I hope to visit Blogland during the weekend!  Be safe, Comfy & Smile!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Still Drawing! ( breath at least!)

Plastic tablecloth , not for visiting grandkids, for Nana Picasso hahaha!  Rod Stewart's "The American Songbook "(1-4) whispering in my ear's a great day!   I think I will bake a cake!

Day 4.............

Emotions are like Wild Horses......Paulo Coelho

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Grey outside/Colour inside

Hello all!   I knew my illustration was done, when ai flicked some fluff off the page and water, brushes
pencils and tea cup went along for the ride!
Tablecloth need changing anyway!  

Day 3.......

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day!

Hello everyone!  The sun is shining very brightly today, celebrations everywhere, and I have changed my mind!   Visiting a fun! blog friend this morning, she mentioned " the otter" who has a short attention span and angers easily.  Ding, ding! that's me, especially in the winter!  So thank you " She Who Seeks" (, for enabling me!

Day Two............

I have enjoyed visiting other participants / Artists,  and thank you ALL who pop by!  You just never know what I will do NEXT!.....( Gemini)