Saturday, June 13, 2015

World Doll Maker Day! Celebrate****

Another reason to celebrate is always welcomed.  Imaginary friends are part of everyone's life, one way or another, Yes it is healthy!

I can recall my few dolls, and my daughters, and the one my son took a shine to when he was 2.
Brewing pleasant memories whenever possible.  
Blog land alerted of this celebrated day, and the best part is, you are to Give a doll!  
I am ruff and a newbie at this talent, but willing to give non the less.

Mentors such as
Rhissanna......Paula McGee.....Little Gothic Horrors....Ashley....all can be visited on my blog list.
I treasure my gifts from all!

Patterns from Rhissanna....someday I will get it right! 

And Epiphany from Gina!!

 ART Therapy is proven to help physically and my favorite ....mental health!  
I encourage everyone to spend just a few moments of peace and whimsy, it will do you well xo

I wll choose name in my magic hat for Spring Bunny

See you next year!  xo

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June & Strawberry Moon

Have you ever had a phase, when you feel disconnected?  Your self has gone on vacation and left 
The shell behind?  This may just be the time it takes to turn the page, but it's new to me!

Uncertainty sends me immediately to ( no, not the bottle....anymore :))) but to creativity.
Not to the kitchen or clean everything in sight , as some genetic conditioning would want, but
out of my reality.

I am fortunate many I follow bleed creativity.   You only have to visit my blog list here and on Puddleduck Grange,(http:/  to be swept away to a world 
which brightens dark days.

I enjoy visual expression, which to everyone but me is subjective.  It lessons the eye rolling I receive when I speak, or write,  and causes questioning grins instead....

Art Journalling....

To.....Magic White Elephants ( pattern by Paula McGee )

To very amateur Art Doll Making..( pattern by Rhissanna) 

Now it is time and more lessons in concentration, Read A Book and Follow Instructions!  

Some what coming along, and maybe similar to Gina's wonderful group , my new imaginary friend is slowly coming to life!

Eccentric behaviour is my latest Fit, while I await my next path.  Not very chatty! as my daughter observes  
Someday  The sun will shine for more than a day or two, and this toooo shall pass.  For now , silence is best!  xoxo