Monday, October 3, 2016

Reflective, Restless, Autumn

My favorite season holds many fond memories for me.  This is the season for full bloom, life out loud, 
up close inventory and serious life planning.  I've moved home for the uncountable time and this maybe why I am dragging my creative heart.  It's like sitting in a room full of mirrors, and for me this is torture.  One early morning dream awoke me whispering, " where's my dream", another, I awoke with 
" it's not over yet!".  You don't have to be Dr. Phil to see what this is about.  Soon I will be the only female to live so long, this could be weighing on me as well. See what starts when you dwell on. Yourself for toooo long! My Nana's voice screams at me about WILL power, and my quiet Grandmother reflection appears with her deep brown , gripping eyes, assuring me I'm strong enough.

Our Thanksgiving celebration is next weekend and I choose to release the guilt of what I wasn't and 
gather the gifts of those I struggled to hold dear.  I have so much to be grateful for, I am no longer a scared young girl, sitting alone under a tree in a park, wondering what to do next, I am no longer afraid of tomorrow and I have the gift of reason and intuition which has served me well.

My eldest grandson has resently told me he is proud of his Dad, because he never gives up!  This 
gripped my heart till I could not breath, I hugged him tightly and said " that's what love is" 
This was my " meaning of life moment.   I think when your children become better humans than 
their parents, your job is complete, it reflects in their children.  

My creative space is still a place of confusion.  Sewing, knitting, mixed medium crafting oh my!
Virtual friends and PenPals hold me to participating, reminding me WE must keep expressing our souls!

My husband sensed my disconnect, and enthusiastically dug into a birthday gift/ project for 
my son!s 35th birthday today.  He ( my son) has been so busy with life and his new home, the shed that holds Necessary home tools and the boys sports equipment was in dire need of renovation befor our cruel Winter or it would surely perish.  My husband couldn't have been more right, I went tunnel vision for two days, and thankfully he is a skilled woodworker, we stripped off the old, re enforced the new and painted it brand spanking NEW!    Yes I got grouchy, my finger bleed and Brad got sunburned, 
but it was worth it when my son's shining eyes said " thank you!"



TA DAW............Great Aunti approves! ( my little sister💜)

October ......... Off to a wonderful start! Fresh boards, fresh paint!  Now what can I 
get involved in next?   Where did I store my Hallow's Eve decor? Maybe I need to shop for more!

Always wonderful to have you visit me!  Black lipstick Kisses!  xoxoxoDebi


  1. Love, love, love the shed!!!! Great job.

  2. OMGoodness! I'm thrilled! Thank you for visiting! Yes, isn't it shiny! I love the barn hindges Brad choose! Now bring on Winter! xoxoDebi

  3. I wonder if you have moved as many times as I have? I'm constantly restless, I have a creative heart and mind, I sometimes sit and look at all my 'crafts' and I can't think of a thing to do with it all, crazy old me! I delight in the unexpected and the unpredictable, if you create you are alive! Sending warm hugs in a cold October xx

    1. Yes we do get good use out of that gypsy wagon don't we! It's so nice to read that others feel the same, " I'm not INSANE" is my first response! Thank you xo

  4. I most certainly understand about the wondering. We must leave the wondering and wander through our possibilities, we still have those, ya know? And we are still able to play and that's the blessing we must choke the hell out of. hehehehehe
    You did a lovely job on the shed. Like you I went a hunting for all the Hallowoonie things this last weekend and now I'm enthused for the decorating.

    1. Like a tweenie, who will listen, who will understand? Denial has caught up, now I must step up ..Aging is here and now what! All I can come up with is...Id better set a good example!

  5. Holy moly, you did a great job on that shed -- looks like a brand new one! Autumn is just a natural time for reflection, I think, as the Wheel turns again toward the end of the year. Keep smiling and persevering!

    1. Yes Scarlet, tomorrow is another day! and happy for it! Love having you and ALL drop by! We must do this again! SOOOOOOON! xoxoxo

  6. Amazing job on the shed Debi!!! Keep being you! Keep loving yourself! You are a wonderful person!

  7. OMG! I don't know what blogger is playing at but I am not seeing your new posts updated....I didn't even realise you had moved!!! I sent you a card last week ...hope she finds you. You did an amazing job on the shed...but not as amazing as your job as a mother :D XXX


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