Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Lizard Brains! Completed!!!

Here we all are!  Some of US under even more snowfall and others enjoying everything else!  
#29faces is now complete! That only took me several attempts!  
Long time virtual friends and new virtual friends gave the steam ( wonderful comments all month) 
to melt my lizard brain and " shake it off"!  I am grateful to each and everyone, truly!  You curbed my procrastination and silenced negative critical tenancy.   

Day 28..............

OH NO......almost done!

Day 29!!!!!!!............... You All are ROYALTY to me!     Thank you xoxo

Thank you to Ayala Art.....for hosting a magnificent event!  Congratulations on YET
Another Successful year!  29 Faces 2016 !!!!!!

Special thank you and a bucket of hugs to Pen Parker for inspiring me each and everyday
and quietly holding me to the challenge!  xo

To each warm, supportive comment each day from " creative hearts" true   xoxoxoxo

Huge Hug of xoxoxo..Debi
don't forget to visit , I'm always up to something!   

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Winter White Whined Down? ✨

The last weekend of the 29 Faces Challenge!   I am catching up on creativeness, with an adorable butterscotch cocker spaniel, Mia!  Large male family is moving furniture, and the young ones are
playing hockey on an outdoor ice rink.   Hockey was more fun than Nana.

I am happy to have participated, and my largest realization is,,,..LIGHT.  The masters controlled it, 
I am in awe of each and every one!

Day 24........

Day 25........

These are a result of our latest weather, and my impatience for WARMTH!   
Thank you all very, very much!  xoDebi

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Carry On! Express Yourself✨✨✨

I requested a subscription to Art Doll Quarterly, last May, now my treasured references.  Last winter's 
Volume 11 issue 4, has the direct exercise in basic expression,  in sculpture form.   
I will continue to repeat this because as you see.......practise is inevitable !  Thank you to the author

Day 24.......,

Day 25.........

Thank you All!  xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Express Yourself ✨✨✨

During this 29 faces journey, I have been guided and supported by artists I admire and aspire 
to become.  Gently poking me and visiting me just when they sense I'm loosing my way.
Okay....exercise in the human face, without thinking toooo much ( easy for you to say Duchess! )

Art Doll Quarterly just had an exercise in " artistic expression".  Sounds good!  and watercolour
are forgiving, so let's give it a go!   

Day 22.......

Day 23.......,,,,,,

Thank you all !   I wouldn't have persevered this long, especially through frozen pipe bursts, 
without you!   xoxoxoxoDebi

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Drought is setting in✨

29 Faces Challenge is in the last week.  I have enjoyed watching many express themselves daily.  
Styles, techniques and composition expressed vigously .  For me, this has been a struggle, at times causing stress over the " time" and variety.  I am unsure of the objective, but for me, it has only 
told me, I lack direction.  This is not news, I believe to excell at anything, one needs focus and devotion to purpose.   This results in sacrifice of my priority list, oh and my least favorite...discipline! 

Priorities change, as does focus of interest.  Most creative hearts will admit to this.  For me, 
I have always been a curious person, I need change and challenge, undisciplined!

A favorite time was " Doll Dreams" curated by Ady Almanza.  These are my taught pieces
" Dia de la Muertos" 

Day 20 & 21.....................

I think I may revisit these lessons. 

Thank you for visiting and supporting me during this challenge.  xo

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm MELTING! ✨✨✨

I wish our Canadian gal  K.D. Lang would put out more of her wonderful music, 
I have missed her.

During my invasion of chaos and bursting water pipes, I run to my music collection.  I 
must endure life's " hiccups" I think " life" just wonders if I'm paying attention sometimes!

My CD...." Watershed" KD Lang, helped me conjure up two days!  It all started out bright 
and sunny, until
the power tools took over, so today's was a tad ....dark!  

Day 18 & 19.........

Thank you ALL for supporting me xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Whine Me Up! February 2016

Just when I slowly slip into creative bliss.....WHAM!  I've never liked February and this leaping pain in the ass month is true to form.  Work place accidents, Quick Mom were moving, I bought a house and the cherry on top....water pipe burst from next door, gushing into my living room down to the family room!  

Oh that's okay, I will snap out of my creative coma!   My art is behind and my 29faces have lost their 
Optimism.  Yes, the artist is holding her breath, squeezing in some bright colours and hoping for a drama free rest of the month? 
My friend, Pen Parker posts wonderful art ( 29faces as well) and quietly encourages me on!  
I can't let my virtual friend down, so's mud in your evil eye February.....

Day 15.......,

Day 16......

And today.........Day 17.......

I played with filters, borders and oh........a hat!   Think I will stay away from hats, work
on SMILES!    

Thank you all for supporting me! xo