Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Express Yourself ✨✨✨

During this 29 faces journey, I have been guided and supported by artists I admire and aspire 
to become.  Gently poking me and visiting me just when they sense I'm loosing my way.
Okay....exercise in the human face, without thinking toooo much ( easy for you to say Duchess! )

Art Doll Quarterly just had an exercise in " artistic expression".  Sounds good!  and watercolour
are forgiving, so let's give it a go!   

Day 22.......

Day 23.......,,,,,,

Thank you all !   I wouldn't have persevered this long, especially through frozen pipe bursts, 
without you!   xoxoxoxoDebi


  1. I like them both, especially the second one!

  2. These look awesome Debi...so relaxed and expressive. Love the miscief in the first one lol :D XXX

  3. Debi, so glad you have kept going! I love them both! You really have talent girl!

  4. These are beautiful, shadows on their faces make them almost touchable through the screen. Your water color runs in an expressive way.


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