Friday, January 16, 2015

Creative Coupling & " Bleeding Hearts Day Challenge"

.2015,  this number makes me chuckle and wonder .   Keeping with my purpose, I am
begining this science fiction numbered year with a thought provoking challenge!

Choose  a creative duo who, what, where and why? ( this duo is suited) 
concluding with creative outcome.  All in Your Own Unique Opinion!

Post on your blog or fav sociable site, title being " Bleeding Hearts Day Challenge" 

Deadline for posting is Feb 15 ( Sunday)   time for those who still have 
pixe dust in their eyes! and sappy oozings from the life pump!

Please leave your sociable site address in comments. 
I will zip around to each who participates and enter them for a personally selected gift! 

This is my Creative Coupling duo!  Imaginary

William Blake & Patti Smith

You may choose any creative stage!  
I hope you all will participate, and have fun with reality coupling or imaginary !  

Just consider

And my fav!!!!!!!

Thank you for setting a spell!