Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Glow of a Pumpkin Candle

Autumn Emma and I are seriously reflecting on the future today.  Dreary start to September under a blood red full moon that is not in its right place in the night sky.  Uncertainty must be met with courage 
and a very strong belief in Magick !
Over this short summer my creative time has been sparce, as my hobbit has hummed with family and 
change.  Reluctant to give this dis- connect any value I remembered the lost art of letter writing.
I have joined several sites, and quickly retreated back. Cackling hens can do that to me.
I did notice that young people find this very popular!  The world over, 15 - 25, are enthusiastic and
creative , inclusive and eager to reach out in this traditional ( art) form.  I also noticed the age of discontent , those ready to ridicule lash out, not remembering it is snailmail and the most frustrating of 
services. ( I know, I bitch constantly ).
Why would I wish to penpal? I am the most self- contained person I know.  Shadow Crone, watching, 
loathing and shaking my head at this life's antics.  This dark mind set is on a slippery slope, my inner rebel girl is retreating at an alarming rate, I must snap out of it! 
Slowly I put pen to paper, my art supplies near, to make me appear more entertaining than I know I am and one sentence, leads to two and I fight on!  A little humour, sprinkle of fact and promise to be more
next time......gracious ending and voila!  
Always the analyst, I have zeroed in on a fraction of those who have a hope In  Hell in getting me.
There are some who actually mirror my quirky behaviour!  
In my opening address I state...I'm older than Stevie Nicks and younger than Cher
So for those who do visit from letter land, you are amazing, courageous and whimsical! Welcome! 

I have had an idea or two during this adventure....I have the worlds most fabulous potential PenPals
who inspire me everyday right under my crocked noise!  Yes I know where you live and if I don't 
I soon will!
Forgive my blindness and expect a letter, and if the snails continue to upset me, I may take to
raising a fleet of owls!
Thank you for visiting, Our Festive Season is Upon Us!  xoxoxo