Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm MELTING! ✨✨✨

I wish our Canadian gal  K.D. Lang would put out more of her wonderful music, 
I have missed her.

During my invasion of chaos and bursting water pipes, I run to my music collection.  I 
must endure life's " hiccups" I think " life" just wonders if I'm paying attention sometimes!

My CD...." Watershed" KD Lang, helped me conjure up two days!  It all started out bright 
and sunny, until
the power tools took over, so today's was a tad ....dark!  

Day 18 & 19.........

Thank you ALL for supporting me xoxoxoxo


  1. When I see those ads saying "I love KD" I always think of kd lang not Kraft Dinner!

  2. Love the backgrounds on these heads, they frame the faces so beautifully.

  3. Day 18 has a glorious hairdo.

    Hope the pipe problems are nearly over. ♥

  4. Freezing pipes and wonderful art - keep going girl! x

  5. k.d. lang is great, peaceful mind shows in your work.

  6. Wonderful artwork and music. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. K.D Lang hasn't put any songs out for awhile! Your two new faces are wonderful! Your eyes tell a story!


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