Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Whine Me Up! February 2016

Just when I slowly slip into creative bliss.....WHAM!  I've never liked February and this leaping pain in the ass month is true to form.  Work place accidents, Quick Mom were moving, I bought a house and the cherry on top....water pipe burst from next door, gushing into my living room down to the family room!  

Oh that's okay, I will snap out of my creative coma!   My art is behind and my 29faces have lost their 
Optimism.  Yes, the artist is holding her breath, squeezing in some bright colours and hoping for a drama free rest of the month? 
My friend, Pen Parker posts wonderful art ( 29faces as well) and quietly encourages me on!  
I can't let my virtual friend down, so's mud in your evil eye February.....

Day 15.......,

Day 16......

And today.........Day 17.......

I played with filters, borders and oh........a hat!   Think I will stay away from hats, work
on SMILES!    

Thank you all for supporting me! xo


  1. A burst pipe is NEVER good news. I hope February improves quickly!

  2. We always support each other my friend, and you know I love to see you being creative xxx

  3. Yes, what is wrong with February! Can the real year start in March, please?!!

  4. I'm not sure I understand - did you move house recently?

    I love your purple-haired lady.

  5. I'm sorry about your pipes. I hope repairs are not too costly. Your muse is probably trying to stay dry?

    Draw on! ♥

  6. Drama free everyday is my wish, too. Hope you get it!

    It's impossible to smile in February, lips are freezing too much.

    Glad that you caught up, your faces reflect emotions so well.

  7. Seems like everything always happens at once, doesn't it? I hope the rest of the month passes without incident for you, Debi. Keep drawing! <3

  8. I hope February is better for you! Sorry about everything that has happened! You keep drawing! I love your faces! I really do! Hugs!


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