Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Howling Husky and numb fingers✨

Well you can't buy the sounds of wilderness I have included in our rent.  The walls are as thin as rice paper, and every college students thinks getting a dog makes them a grown up., 
Next door I have the howl of a husky, every time the youngster/ I'm an adult now, leaves her townhouse. 
Yes! It is mood music and it's better than barking, unfortunately it lowers my body temperature even more than usual, so the creative process shows signs of cold and disbelief!  

Day 9..............

Thank you ALL for visiting, you warm my creative bones!  xo


  1. Her face looks how you feel about your neighbours!! She is still beautiful x

  2. Great art! Sigh, sounds like the husky has separation anxiety. I don't think they can do anything except get training. Maybe you can befriend the husky and talk to it over the fence/through the wall, whatever?

  3. Debi you are so talented! She looks like an angel to me! There is concern in her eyes! I love her!
    The poor husky!!!

  4. Thanks for explaining the stitches!

  5. Oh, poor her, she's freezing!


  6. You know a thing or 12... about Winter SusuPetal!


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