Friday, April 10, 2015


" The Wizard of Oz" ,  my first feelings of this epic film were unsettling.  Not that black and white film gave everything an eerie feeling, but that I was filled with questions, and as any child of the 50's , no explanations to be had, so as the questions built up,would seek the answers in the 60's!

Laced with lessons for the undeveloped minds, adults that shone bright and wheeled magic sticks 
controlled the many.  Why was Elinora there, that fateful day?  Dressed in her beloved slippers?
Meeting with the " haves" on behalf of those who lived outside the glitter?   Why was her death cheered?  Why was the murderous rewarded?  After all, isn't evil a result of failed dreams?

Many , lived outside the Emerald City, beyond the protection of the sleeping field, dreaming of parades, singing in the streets and magic of plenty.  

This is just one thought I wondered for many years.  The genius of this story is in the interpretations, at different human stages and experience.  Dear visitor, my interpetations have a darker view, beware of leaders who speak sweetly, as well as those who hide behind illusion!

Deep in the shadows
pitied deep
Revenge is brewing
while they sleep
Ellinora, forever taken
treasured slippers released
Murderous glee
righteously displayed
East Winds swirling!!!!
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Many thanks to Oma Linda, for another FUN event!  xo