Monday, September 5, 2016

Studio View

The hardest unpack is still MY creative area! My mind is so unsettled to how I want it! I think the villain lies in perfection.  I am determined to conquer this issue, settle in and down by participating in a 30 Day Journal Project hosted by Lisa Sonora  

Inspiration found me , Crazed Poppet Creations aka Debbi D , sent me perfect images for my studio which have excited my imagination.   
Season of the Witch is stirred , thank you creative friend!

Top ...New Orleans Creole Beauty 2005

Bottom left...Hollywood Cemetery Virginia
            Right......St.Louis New Orleans 

Storyville Love

She was a Virginia Belle with a heart that loved true, adorned in flowers of pastel hues
He was a rounder of Storyville fame
A gambler and rambler 
Jazz was his game
They met and they loved with a fire that burned bright
But their lives took a turn in the heat of the night
She went back to Virginia, to a riverside grave
He rambled and gambled and went out in a blaze

Images accompanied with a tale will add enlist imaginative hours in my new creative space. 

Veiled Thoughts......Hollywood Cemetery Virginia

Creole Beauty....New Orleans 

Filled with emotion and so grateful  xoxoxoxoxo. 


  1. So very honored to assist with your creative endeavors! We've had a grand time of it so far and hopefully for times to come. I would love to see pics of the studio once you get it all sorted out!

  2. Ooooh... Have fun creating the new creative space! (By the way, you need to send me your new address, missy!!!) I love all the inspiration in this post, and now I MUST listen to 'Season of the Witch'! (One of my fave songs!! :D ) ❤

  3. Creative spaces are the hardest of all, my creative space is now in a corner of our bedroom!! Still waiting to be done :) xx

  4. What amazing inspiration...and your words spun a story to fill hearts on these darkening nights XXX

  5. I wish you all the best with your creative space! I love your words and I love the photos!! Big Hugs!

  6. My creative space is just a pile of boxes haha

  7. Yay for creative spaces - it's wonderful to have somewhere dedicated just for that. What's that line - perfection is highly overrated - something like that? ♥


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