Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Lizard Brains! Completed!!!

Here we all are!  Some of US under even more snowfall and others enjoying everything else!  
#29faces is now complete! That only took me several attempts!  
Long time virtual friends and new virtual friends gave the steam ( wonderful comments all month) 
to melt my lizard brain and " shake it off"!  I am grateful to each and everyone, truly!  You curbed my procrastination and silenced negative critical tenancy.   

Day 28..............

OH NO......almost done!

Day 29!!!!!!!............... You All are ROYALTY to me!     Thank you xoxo

Thank you to Ayala Art.....for hosting a magnificent event!  Congratulations on YET
Another Successful year!  29 Faces 2016 !!!!!!

Special thank you and a bucket of hugs to Pen Parker for inspiring me each and everyday
and quietly holding me to the challenge!  xo

To each warm, supportive comment each day from " creative hearts" true   xoxoxoxo

Huge Hug of xoxoxo..Debi
don't forget to visit , I'm always up to something!   


  1. Hugs back to you my friend :) I adore this new style!! xx

  2. Congratulations on getting it done! I missed quite a few days in the middle of mine!

  3. And thanks to you. It's been fun and lots of inspiration to follow your faces. These last ones are just stunning, I like everything in them:the feeling, the eyes, the all!

    Have a less-snowy spring (in Finland snow is melting...I hope so).

  4. Yippy! scratch that off the bucket list! Thank you ALL for your kindness and support!
    I do have the most wonderful Blogland friends! xoxoxox

  5. Love them both! Well done Debi!!! Yeh! Happy Dance!
    (Just to let you know, I won't be coming back to Facebook. They won't let me change my name. I will keep trying, but for now, it's blogging for me!)


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