Sunday, February 21, 2016

Drought is setting in✨

29 Faces Challenge is in the last week.  I have enjoyed watching many express themselves daily.  
Styles, techniques and composition expressed vigously .  For me, this has been a struggle, at times causing stress over the " time" and variety.  I am unsure of the objective, but for me, it has only 
told me, I lack direction.  This is not news, I believe to excell at anything, one needs focus and devotion to purpose.   This results in sacrifice of my priority list, oh and my least favorite...discipline! 

Priorities change, as does focus of interest.  Most creative hearts will admit to this.  For me, 
I have always been a curious person, I need change and challenge, undisciplined!

A favorite time was " Doll Dreams" curated by Ady Almanza.  These are my taught pieces
" Dia de la Muertos" 

Day 20 & 21.....................

I think I may revisit these lessons. 

Thank you for visiting and supporting me during this challenge.  xo


  1. Direction, focus and discipline - all the things I lack..!
    I guess that's how and why I failed to follow through with this challenge...
    But I love your DdlM faces!

  2. Love these two, very "you" - always a joy to visit xx

  3. These look great! Im getting very behind, I think. Life gets in the way!

  4. Discipline ... it should be a four-letter word. I think you should revisit this theme! I love these gals!!

  5. Hi sweetheart. The 29 Faces challenge was originally designed to practice making "human" faces. The speed of making a new face each day meant we didn't have to think too much, just make. I really love these de la muertos style faces you produced very elegant :D XXX

  6. WOW!!!! These are breath taking! You've done a great job!


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