Friday, February 5, 2016

TGIF.......Creative Hearts!

Sunny Days! today is anyway.  Where I live we have been spared this winter.  Only got -23C a few times, average about -15c then the tease of 4C.  My virtual friends to the west, well they have had it
much worse, but they are all chap wearing cowgirls and rodeo on!  

I amaze myself, 5 blog days!  Thank you to ALL who visit, it really makes my day✨✨

Day 5......... 29 Faces 2016

Vulgarity is no Substitute for Wit.....Dame Maggie Smith

I hope to visit Blogland during the weekend!  Be safe, Comfy & Smile!


  1. Lovely drawing today! Actually, the winter's been exceptionally mild out west here too. I haven't plugged my car in once!

    1. The snow's practically all gone down here - damn chinooks! :D

  2. No snow here at all!!!
    This one is really, really special!!! I love her Debi!!!

  3. such a lovely face
    and very elegant hand!


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