Thursday, November 3, 2016

Looking For My Shadow


A snowy winter is predicted and soooon!  So I've been dashing about, planing and storinging away a long winter of provisions!  Warmth and a full snack cupboard will please the King of our treehouse and for me!  well we all know what I like!  
More magic and imagination! of course!  
I have recently been intrigued with Catherine de Medici , Queen of France, was one title. There is a TV series called Reign.  Mary Queen of Scots, the young years......and during her time in France as a child, young women.....,,,,,The Queen, was Catherine de Medici, and wow! I was drawn to this character, and wouldn't miss an to the library I went, and now ai must own this book!  No spoilers, but if you like her story, magic, and strong women, this is for you! 

In the discard bin I spotted a book screaming at me!    Book review to follow later! Hahahah! 

My wonderful little sister is slowly coming over to the Magick and gifted me this Gem!   It caught my complete attention, by page 25.........  promises to be a good one! I'm so pleased indeed! 

We have been up here in the North Pole, for over 5 years now, and tons of family drama in between! 
I function well in turmoil I must admit, but now, the waters are calm, for the most part, and I am back to a mere figure head of the family tree.
What to do, what to doooooo?  Well create of course!  Blue has never been a good colour for me, so I've been searching for my muse once again!  Hmmmm, now where did I leave that rascal!  

I signed up for a beginner class to search my creative soul!  Hahaha, Swiss cheese, holes and all! 
As well a Papermaking class in January , for the King & I to do together ( time away from snack cupboard!) .  Re- join which I joined tons of years ago and happy to be back!  
My Penpal gals and now Art swap Across the miles on FB...will give me deadlines to meet and procrastination a challenge! 

While my shadow is venturing who knows where? I am trying not to slip away from the looking glass!
Creative Mess Awaits!  xoDebi

Inner thoughts....painted magazine pages!  ( I'm a deep thinker!  Hahahah)

Swapping handcrafted postcard to Spain

ATC quilters pin rest to NJ USA

Autumn Tags to Maryland USA

I'm saving the rest for another time!  Please visit again!  Huge hugs and you ALL fuel my 
Joy& Inspiration!  xoxoxoxoxoxDebi


  1. Great books and i'm happy you are still inspired with art my friend :) Always create and never procrastinate xx

  2. You have such a busy winter planned, Debi - chock full of creative things! I'm looking forward to a quiet Christmas and a few months of reflection (and knitting!) myself. Time to rejuvenate for whatever the New Year might bring. I saw your picture of The Witches of New York on Instagram and bought it this week when I was in the city. But I have two more books to finish before I'm going to allow myself to start it - don't give away any secrets! Oh, and Debra She Who Seeks has also sent me the Miss Peregrine book she won from you, so I guess I have a lot of reading to get through before Witches. lol

    I look forward to seeing all your creative projects over the winter! ❤

  3. Ooooh... so many goodies in this post! I remembering seeing a mini-series on the Medicis when I was a kid. It was so dark and intriguing. I hope the book turns out to be great!

  4. Debi!!! I love your creations! You are so creative girl! I never heard about all the snow, I just heard, it was going to be cold. For the month of November, I don't think we are going to get any. The books look amazing!! I have to research them! Big Hugs and keep warm!


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