Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Nevermore Rapport : R.I.P. E.A.P.

Beaudelair would be envious that you, Edgar Allen Poe, is revered year after year!  Ageless groups of doe- eyed enthusiasts swooning from imagined romance, being " the one" who rhymed the poem with the lyrical name!  Griswald, haunting the Enquirer with greasy sleeze tales to fuel an already charmed
I find any author of poetry most fascinating .  Especially, dark, brooding, dipped in absinth, opening a 
crack, a glimpse, of once was a purely beating heart. " I can heal you"! 

Snap out of it crone!

Now where was I ?

Harpsecord waltzes , swishing finery sway
Nod, Curtsey , clench my arm, taken  away
Count it out , keep up, head held high
Hum, soft hiss, twirl , sigh
Confident glimmering eyes , my prey, your mine
Forcing my direction, willfulness, denied
This can not be I must be released
Hum, soft hiss, twirl , .......FLY!

That concludes my offering to Annie's celebration.  I am off to visit you all and learn, drool and 
Be immensely inspired! 
Thank you all , and special hugs to Rhissanna who quietly discovered my other blog , nudged me with courage and was followed by Sharon ,Magaly , Gina and Emma!!! 
Thank you Annie Walls, ( introduction made by Emma) I must confess I never read Poe, but loved
the movie " The Raven" Now I may say " I've read Edgar Allen Poe's poetry collection" 

HALLOWS EVE! is my favorite night, secretly I rejoice , feathers ready!  
I would love to gift this fantabulous C.S.Lewis novel to celebrate my new chapter!  
Winner will be notified.