Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HallowVember Spooky Moon๐ŸŒŸ

A mere flip of a calendar page doesn't make it so.  October primes the imagination and stirs the
Underworld.  November is Rememberance, of those souls who have met evil. ( Nov. 11th)  
The living, take stock, how is the human world doing?

My latest project, as some may know, is PenPals.  Again wonderous forces have connected
me with kindred souls.  Most recent, another Jersey Gal, artist, literacy teacher and curator of 
Murderous urban legions.  Her packages challenge and require dedicated thought and focus!  
( hahaha me...focus!).  I am called to task and concentrate on the two murder mysteries sent
for my opinion.  One appeared in her towns newspaper to delight towns folk on Halloween, the second, is quite serious and legendary to her town ....Mike Myer serious!  The mystery of John List, 
1971 Sunday School teacher murders family, then disappears.  Why are the 70's so filled with 
Mayham I wonder?  
I am setting my task aside, just for awhile, before my attention and response are ready to focus!
Until that happens, Shari S. of New Jersey, made me a Halloween book, accompanied by vintage Halloween classics!   ( my tricker treaters loved this loudly, of course, so did I)

Each page, detailed collage and thoughtful dark messages!  As well as a necklace with a leg bone!

" Birds of a feather" flock together, even in the stranger world of PenPals!

Winter Moon has reminded me, The 5th of November!   

In my part of the world, laws prohibit my love of huge raging bonfires....long story....

What was cause then is cause now!   Humans really don't evolve , where it counts.

Please visit  and visit other Hallowvember participants, Spooky Moon has 
tons of amazing ideas to keep that mush between our eyes ALIVE!
Thank you to Insomniac' s Attic for luring me in!  ๐ŸŒŸ

Friday, October 30, 2015

All Hallow's Eve***thy true heart revealed❤️


 SWISH, another year flies past.  Ever reminded of the ticking croc.  Find comfort,
 many have thought the same thoughts and many will continue after.  Memories are immortal.

In the deepest, darkest of nights, I remind you of the power, your power, human power, 
the power of " Will"

This night, my special night, I am free to think and be Me!  Weightless to the air around me,
giddy in my soul.   Battles have been fought, the War continues.  Inner strength appreciated,
stored, for the dormant months ahead.

Let's all grin for a year well done!  Here's Looking At YOU!   A wink and a nod , Leap!

What is that I hear?   Scamper,  scamper, growl, screech !  wHAt Is THIS!!!!!

Party has begun!   Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed year ahead๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ❤️

                           HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN !!!!! 

Thank you, Gina M. for Epiphany (hand knitted doll)
Thank you Rhisanna C. for elegant skull tea set and new friend doll pattern
Special thank you to my husband for lighting, dead guy sculpture & sense of humour!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Glow of a Pumpkin Candle

Autumn Emma and I are seriously reflecting on the future today.  Dreary start to September under a blood red full moon that is not in its right place in the night sky.  Uncertainty must be met with courage 
and a very strong belief in Magick !
Over this short summer my creative time has been sparce, as my hobbit has hummed with family and 
change.  Reluctant to give this dis- connect any value I remembered the lost art of letter writing.
I have joined several sites, and quickly retreated back. Cackling hens can do that to me.
I did notice that young people find this very popular!  The world over, 15 - 25, are enthusiastic and
creative , inclusive and eager to reach out in this traditional ( art) form.  I also noticed the age of discontent , those ready to ridicule lash out, not remembering it is snailmail and the most frustrating of 
services. ( I know, I bitch constantly ).
Why would I wish to penpal? I am the most self- contained person I know.  Shadow Crone, watching, 
loathing and shaking my head at this life's antics.  This dark mind set is on a slippery slope, my inner rebel girl is retreating at an alarming rate, I must snap out of it! 
Slowly I put pen to paper, my art supplies near, to make me appear more entertaining than I know I am and one sentence, leads to two and I fight on!  A little humour, sprinkle of fact and promise to be more
next time......gracious ending and voila!  
Always the analyst, I have zeroed in on a fraction of those who have a hope In  Hell in getting me.
There are some who actually mirror my quirky behaviour!  
In my opening address I state...I'm older than Stevie Nicks and younger than Cher
So for those who do visit from letter land, you are amazing, courageous and whimsical! Welcome! 

I have had an idea or two during this adventure....I have the worlds most fabulous potential PenPals
who inspire me everyday right under my crocked noise!  Yes I know where you live and if I don't 
I soon will!
Forgive my blindness and expect a letter, and if the snails continue to upset me, I may take to
raising a fleet of owls!
Thank you for visiting, Our Festive Season is Upon Us!  xoxoxo

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Upon A Dusk Damsels Dream*

Accolade and Treble imagine a perfect night, under the Thunder Moon.  Dancing, freely, roaring fire
blazing, gentle breeze, twinkle stars winking at their every move.  Massive Mighty pines protect
them , magical night, intoxicates.

Instead....a quiet candle lite evening with their favorite books!

Accolade ...Witches Love Spells!

Treble....Edgar Allan Poe!

Doll Patterns by:

If you are a Doll Collector or  Doll Maker, click on Doll Days of Summer , hosted by Holly's Horrorland and be featured!  Maybe next year that would include ME?!!
Thank you for visiting ! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

World Doll Maker Day! Celebrate****

Another reason to celebrate is always welcomed.  Imaginary friends are part of everyone's life, one way or another, Yes it is healthy!

I can recall my few dolls, and my daughters, and the one my son took a shine to when he was 2.
Brewing pleasant memories whenever possible.  
Blog land alerted of this celebrated day, and the best part is, you are to Give a doll!  
I am ruff and a newbie at this talent, but willing to give non the less.

Mentors such as
Rhissanna......Paula McGee.....Little Gothic Horrors....Ashley....all can be visited on my blog list.
I treasure my gifts from all!

Patterns from Rhissanna....someday I will get it right! 

And Epiphany from Gina!!

 ART Therapy is proven to help physically and my favorite ....mental health!  
I encourage everyone to spend just a few moments of peace and whimsy, it will do you well xo

I wll choose name in my magic hat for Spring Bunny

See you next year!  xo

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June & Strawberry Moon

Have you ever had a phase, when you feel disconnected?  Your self has gone on vacation and left 
The shell behind?  This may just be the time it takes to turn the page, but it's new to me!

Uncertainty sends me immediately to ( no, not the bottle....anymore :))) but to creativity.
Not to the kitchen or clean everything in sight , as some genetic conditioning would want, but
out of my reality.

I am fortunate many I follow bleed creativity.   You only have to visit my blog list here and on Puddleduck Grange,(http:/  to be swept away to a world 
which brightens dark days.

I enjoy visual expression, which to everyone but me is subjective.  It lessons the eye rolling I receive when I speak, or write,  and causes questioning grins instead....

Art Journalling....

To.....Magic White Elephants ( pattern by Paula McGee )

To very amateur Art Doll Making..( pattern by Rhissanna) 

Now it is time and more lessons in concentration, Read A Book and Follow Instructions!  

Some what coming along, and maybe similar to Gina's wonderful group , my new imaginary friend is slowly coming to life!

Eccentric behaviour is my latest Fit, while I await my next path.  Not very chatty! as my daughter observes  
Someday  The sun will shine for more than a day or two, and this toooo shall pass.  For now , silence is best!  xoxo

Friday, April 10, 2015


" The Wizard of Oz" ,  my first feelings of this epic film were unsettling.  Not that black and white film gave everything an eerie feeling, but that I was filled with questions, and as any child of the 50's , no explanations to be had, so as the questions built up,would seek the answers in the 60's!

Laced with lessons for the undeveloped minds, adults that shone bright and wheeled magic sticks 
controlled the many.  Why was Elinora there, that fateful day?  Dressed in her beloved slippers?
Meeting with the " haves" on behalf of those who lived outside the glitter?   Why was her death cheered?  Why was the murderous rewarded?  After all, isn't evil a result of failed dreams?

Many , lived outside the Emerald City, beyond the protection of the sleeping field, dreaming of parades, singing in the streets and magic of plenty.  

This is just one thought I wondered for many years.  The genius of this story is in the interpretations, at different human stages and experience.  Dear visitor, my interpetations have a darker view, beware of leaders who speak sweetly, as well as those who hide behind illusion!

Deep in the shadows
pitied deep
Revenge is brewing
while they sleep
Ellinora, forever taken
treasured slippers released
Murderous glee
righteously displayed
East Winds swirling!!!!
Mark This  Day

Many thanks to Oma Linda, for another FUN event!  xo

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Holly Horrorland's "Vampire Soire" 2015

Secret Invitations sent out to those who hold February 14th in their special way!

Epiphany and Jack are awaiting the neighbours to arrive, eager to settle their curiosities.

Yes, the romantic styled house has been empty for many generations, it is exactly the 
cozy comfort that Epiphany is missing.

Preparations are complete, the name plates are placed on chairs.  Bats fluttering in their bellies,
Epiphany & Jack sigh deeply, pour a special blend and wait for the Vampire Soiree to begin! 

  My nasty sweetheart, you glow!   Blood pudding and rare blend vintage, a setting
      fit for a Count! Jack proudly remarked.

Holly B Strange, is so lovely to include us this year, and Emma, devilishly suggested such
 a gifted artist for the name cards, whispered Epiphany.

Jack pushed his chair aside and scooped up his partner.  " I need to whirl you my dear, 
Twirl and of course, Dip"!

Let us all spin and twirl , all woes be gone.   Thank you to our event planner, Holly and
Sophia Rapata for the amazing cards. 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Bleeding Hearts Day " Challenge 2015

Bleeding Hearts Day is My time to appreciate the truly gifted.  Unleashing admiration for 
those who pump creative passion, bleeding endlessly , for eternity.  I am fortunate to have been born while literature and speech was highly valued. Words, in books or music had power, emotion, purpose.
Events of time fade, but a word , a quote from a Bleeding Heart, takes you to that forgotten time.

Now imagine the gush, coupling two creative bleeding hearts.   Discovering a book of poems 
chosen by Patti Smith of works by William Blake, instantly had my veins twitching.  The gifted ones, 
Intrigue me .  Why? well thanks for asking.  Creatives live in a realm I envy.  A society beyond 
confusion.........until they mix with the masses.

One such Bleeding Heart, who palsates pure magic, is Patti Smith.  Early, she 
felt her gift.  ( as did all I will and have mentioned) Focused and determined, her journey
would be eyes and heart wide opened.  Her energy illuminated ( unaware ) during a time 
of kindred gifted souls , who scorched this planet.  These souls have visited earth many times
since the Big Bang, in different attire but tattooing the same heart felt message.

Art and Quote by William Blake

William Blake...........Romantic Age 1757-1827.London England  Loved Gothic Art..
..critics referred to him
as an " unfortunate lunatic". 

Early years

I value this opinion !!!!

Art by Patti Smith

Her admiration of Baudalaire and William S Burroughs,  shaping and validating

   William S Burroughs " one of the most misunderstude artist of the last century, lunatic to revolutionary " 
Huge praise in my opinion.......

Well let's get this party started!   Creative Coupling for my lifetime!  

Patti wrote the song/poem and Bruce launched! (Springsteen)

"Because the Night" 1977

Patti and dear heart Lou Reed.  "Walk On The Wild Side"

Bob Dylan helped his fellow poet sign her first album " Horses" 
Infusing rock with poetry kept this literary art form alive....awhile longer!

Tom Waite & Patti Smith.  Creating Chaos! I'm sure!!

Gifted hearts search for kindred hearts for eternity
Trusted creative coupling of true friendship

First Love and Discovery of a true " Bleeding Heart"
"Just Kids".  Robert Mapplethorpe
Story of the most creative time in my lifetime.

How Do You stop the Blood?

Wrap a Bleeding Heart in money, and tell it how to dance. ( this is mine)

Thank you all for visiting and all your brilliant blood you shared!   I have and will value each 
Of your stories.  A thank you gift will be sent to all who have given to my challenge.