Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Glow of a Pumpkin Candle

Autumn Emma and I are seriously reflecting on the future today.  Dreary start to September under a blood red full moon that is not in its right place in the night sky.  Uncertainty must be met with courage 
and a very strong belief in Magick !
Over this short summer my creative time has been sparce, as my hobbit has hummed with family and 
change.  Reluctant to give this dis- connect any value I remembered the lost art of letter writing.
I have joined several sites, and quickly retreated back. Cackling hens can do that to me.
I did notice that young people find this very popular!  The world over, 15 - 25, are enthusiastic and
creative , inclusive and eager to reach out in this traditional ( art) form.  I also noticed the age of discontent , those ready to ridicule lash out, not remembering it is snailmail and the most frustrating of 
services. ( I know, I bitch constantly ).
Why would I wish to penpal? I am the most self- contained person I know.  Shadow Crone, watching, 
loathing and shaking my head at this life's antics.  This dark mind set is on a slippery slope, my inner rebel girl is retreating at an alarming rate, I must snap out of it! 
Slowly I put pen to paper, my art supplies near, to make me appear more entertaining than I know I am and one sentence, leads to two and I fight on!  A little humour, sprinkle of fact and promise to be more
next time......gracious ending and voila!  
Always the analyst, I have zeroed in on a fraction of those who have a hope In  Hell in getting me.
There are some who actually mirror my quirky behaviour!  
In my opening address I state...I'm older than Stevie Nicks and younger than Cher
So for those who do visit from letter land, you are amazing, courageous and whimsical! Welcome! 

I have had an idea or two during this adventure....I have the worlds most fabulous potential PenPals
who inspire me everyday right under my crocked noise!  Yes I know where you live and if I don't 
I soon will!
Forgive my blindness and expect a letter, and if the snails continue to upset me, I may take to
raising a fleet of owls!
Thank you for visiting, Our Festive Season is Upon Us!  xoxoxo


  1. Do I have a Hope in Hell, Debi? :D

    And yes, I've dropped out of a very good PenPal group myself recently, because I cannot keep track of what I tell everyone and fear I repeat myself far too often. Also older than Stevie Nicks (wait, I better check on that - hey, I'm not yet!) and younger than Cher, and wishing I looked like either of them at their respective ages. LOL

    I'm so happy it's September. It is, indeed, our season. :)

  2. This will be my new " thing" so NO mail box is safe! Snails beware,!
    Not a fan of plastic surgery, I wish Cher had left well enough alone. But who's to say.
    You are SO right, this is like my year end....celebrate and be joy filled! Until our coming FED election! hahaha
    Thank you for visiting! x

  3. Even though I'm not older than Stevie Nicks, I can understand feeling like you are losing your spark. I haven't had much of it this last year. I am glad you are searching it out once more, whether it's through creative projects or letter writing. And that's a lovely pile of postcards you have there!

    I like the idea of measuring one's age in Ladies of Rock. I'm older than Amy Lee but younger than Alanis Morrisette :)

  4. Holy shit -- I'm younger than Cher AND Stevie Nicks! Well, that just made my day.

    1. Happy to have made yor day! I continue to reign SUPREME! xo

  5. What you describe sounds like the feelings of a highly creative person who thinks and feels deeply. Self-doubt will always be felt more profoundly, but I still think it beats the hollowness of a life led superficially. ❤

    *waves to darling Debi and Autumn* ;D

    1. When I win the lottery! Look Out Art World! For now.......my doll friends and I are fabulous just as we are! xoxo

  6. Good to hear from you. I think you would be a very interesting penpal! I occasionally swap letters with a friend but my life is sooooo boring, ha ha.

    1. I follow your blog...you and your gal pals look like a blast! Thank you for visiting! xDebi

  7. Sounds like a wonderful new adventure!!! Hope can your rebel self hide in the shadows, when she has so much to share :D XXX

    1. Funny..most are in UK and Oz....great fun for me! I will enjoy harassing my friends list though! Heheheheh! xDebi

  8. What a lovely idea! I used to have so many pen-pals as a child - it all seems to be lost now in this digital age. Enjoy writing, you have much to share.

    Hugs, E xx

    1. Must use that snailbox for something amusing.....!
      Love having you visit! I've missed you, but I see you are very busy raising wonderful puddleducks! xo

  9. Ahh, memories of my Pen Pal Ila in India come flooding back, great post Debi, lost art indeed, we are gaining speed but losing the magic of letter writing and this made me remember how other things have suffered, the importance of spelling one of them ;) have a beautiful weekend and yes, co create and write :)

  10. Letter writing really is becoming a lost art. Did you know that some schools don't even teach cursive handwriting anymore? I love computers but I think many are becoming addicted to them in a way that is not good. One of my nieces has never read anything but e-books. She said she saw Anne Rice on TV somewhere reading a passage to one of her books. I just so happened to have the first book in the series and gave it to her to read. She loves the book itself as much as the story; commenting on the weight of the book in her hands, the texture of the paper, and the feel of turning a page. Strange days indeed.

    1. Thank you sooo much for visiting, truly! I agree whole hearted with what you have said. My family , thankfully, young and old, love to hold and read a book, then re- read if it touched us deeply.
      Anne Rice has some wonderful books....excellent choice!
      But computers helped me find truly unique PenPals! x


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