Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Bleeding Hearts Day " Challenge 2015

Bleeding Hearts Day is My time to appreciate the truly gifted.  Unleashing admiration for 
those who pump creative passion, bleeding endlessly , for eternity.  I am fortunate to have been born while literature and speech was highly valued. Words, in books or music had power, emotion, purpose.
Events of time fade, but a word , a quote from a Bleeding Heart, takes you to that forgotten time.

Now imagine the gush, coupling two creative bleeding hearts.   Discovering a book of poems 
chosen by Patti Smith of works by William Blake, instantly had my veins twitching.  The gifted ones, 
Intrigue me .  Why? well thanks for asking.  Creatives live in a realm I envy.  A society beyond 
confusion.........until they mix with the masses.

One such Bleeding Heart, who palsates pure magic, is Patti Smith.  Early, she 
felt her gift.  ( as did all I will and have mentioned) Focused and determined, her journey
would be eyes and heart wide opened.  Her energy illuminated ( unaware ) during a time 
of kindred gifted souls , who scorched this planet.  These souls have visited earth many times
since the Big Bang, in different attire but tattooing the same heart felt message.

Art and Quote by William Blake

William Blake...........Romantic Age 1757-1827.London England  Loved Gothic Art..
..critics referred to him
as an " unfortunate lunatic". 

Early years

I value this opinion !!!!

Art by Patti Smith

Her admiration of Baudalaire and William S Burroughs,  shaping and validating

   William S Burroughs " one of the most misunderstude artist of the last century, lunatic to revolutionary " 
Huge praise in my opinion.......

Well let's get this party started!   Creative Coupling for my lifetime!  

Patti wrote the song/poem and Bruce launched! (Springsteen)

"Because the Night" 1977

Patti and dear heart Lou Reed.  "Walk On The Wild Side"

Bob Dylan helped his fellow poet sign her first album " Horses" 
Infusing rock with poetry kept this literary art form alive....awhile longer!

Tom Waite & Patti Smith.  Creating Chaos! I'm sure!!

Gifted hearts search for kindred hearts for eternity
Trusted creative coupling of true friendship

First Love and Discovery of a true " Bleeding Heart"
"Just Kids".  Robert Mapplethorpe
Story of the most creative time in my lifetime.

How Do You stop the Blood?

Wrap a Bleeding Heart in money, and tell it how to dance. ( this is mine)

Thank you all for visiting and all your brilliant blood you shared!   I have and will value each 
Of your stories.  A thank you gift will be sent to all who have given to my challenge.



  1. Art and love and the bright and dark things that keep the heart pumping are immortal indeed.

    To follow on your sweet loving steps, I will say that I feel lucky and extremely happy to be alive and living during the times of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. Love with style, creativity, brains, passion and a whole lot of spunk. ♥♥♥

    Yeah, 13 hearts. Because the number is delicious. ;-D

  2. P.S. I shall have someone bleeding a heart, I mean, my bleeding heart post on the 15th! I shall continue vising everyone slowly... Here is another heart. ♥

  3. I had no idea Patti had influenced so many...and I for one would proudly wear the title "creatively romantic lunatic". :D XXX
    *loves that song*

  4. "Wrap a bleeding heart in money and tell it how to dance" I love that!

  5. I LOVE the poetry of Blake! He was such a fascinating man. Generation after generation often fail to appreciate the great imaginations in their midst and try to crush them. For many, it's more important to be mundanely the same, than brilliantly different! This was a wonderful tribute to Blake and Patti Smith! ❤

  6. Thank you for visiting! The pleasure has been mine, visiting all who have kindly joined in. Until next time! Huge hug!

  7. Patti Smith! An icon and a damn cool lady! Like you ;) Loving this blog Debi. I'm blogging again woo hoo!


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