Saturday, June 13, 2015

World Doll Maker Day! Celebrate****

Another reason to celebrate is always welcomed.  Imaginary friends are part of everyone's life, one way or another, Yes it is healthy!

I can recall my few dolls, and my daughters, and the one my son took a shine to when he was 2.
Brewing pleasant memories whenever possible.  
Blog land alerted of this celebrated day, and the best part is, you are to Give a doll!  
I am ruff and a newbie at this talent, but willing to give non the less.

Mentors such as
Rhissanna......Paula McGee.....Little Gothic Horrors....Ashley....all can be visited on my blog list.
I treasure my gifts from all!

Patterns from Rhissanna....someday I will get it right! 

And Epiphany from Gina!!

 ART Therapy is proven to help physically and my favorite ....mental health!  
I encourage everyone to spend just a few moments of peace and whimsy, it will do you well xo

I wll choose name in my magic hat for Spring Bunny

See you next year!  xo


  1. Ooow your Spring bunny is fabulous...certainly didn't need any lessons from me to create him! thank you for alerting me to this wonderful celebration :D XXX

  2. I tried making dolls when I was little but was never happy with the end result. It was hard turning those spindly little arms and legs right side out and then getting the stuffing in properly! :)

    1. You need a haemostat! Honestly, it's the best tool I have, because I HATE turning arms and legs. Having one changed my life.

  3. Autumn looks so happy in amongst all your dolly friends, Debi! And your creations are wonderful!! ❤

  4. Oh, Debi, you always get it right! You give my silly pattern the most marvelous shapely legs and the best hair! I love your dolls! <3

  5. Oh, you have such a wonderful collection of dolls, you creative soul!

    My mother used to make rag dolls for my sister and I when we were little girls.

    I wish I knew what happened to them ♥

  6. Thank you creative hearts for visiting and yet another celebration gathers the craftiest of crafters! I look at your comments and happily know, in all corners of this challenging planet, kind hearts are there!
    Spring Bunny will be flying off to Rhissanna, says my magic HAT.
    Until next time! xoxoDebi

  7. Congratulations to Rhissanna!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful dolls. I agree with the gargoyle that your voodoo doll is delicious!
    Your white rabbit puts a huge smile on my face.

  8. ART therapy and dollies! Wonderful!

  9. I adore your dolls and am bummed I missed your giveaway, but glad Rhissanna won! xoxo

  10. I love your lovely dolls. They are filled with love and magic, and the joy you have creating them. Everytime you post about doll making I know your soul is just filled with glee!

  11. Look at this wonderful group! I have made yet another note, Next year will be longer and hopefully by then I will have a Doll worthy of gifting to the kindest, wonderfully wild creative creatures of the Night! xo

  12. Art therapy is the best!!! I love your creations!!!

  13. What a lovely collection of dollies.

    I'm not entirely sure why I always visit your other blog and forget about this one - I will make sure I follow this one too!


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