Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HallowVember Spooky Moon🌟

A mere flip of a calendar page doesn't make it so.  October primes the imagination and stirs the
Underworld.  November is Rememberance, of those souls who have met evil. ( Nov. 11th)  
The living, take stock, how is the human world doing?

My latest project, as some may know, is PenPals.  Again wonderous forces have connected
me with kindred souls.  Most recent, another Jersey Gal, artist, literacy teacher and curator of 
Murderous urban legions.  Her packages challenge and require dedicated thought and focus!  
( hahaha me...focus!).  I am called to task and concentrate on the two murder mysteries sent
for my opinion.  One appeared in her towns newspaper to delight towns folk on Halloween, the second, is quite serious and legendary to her town ....Mike Myer serious!  The mystery of John List, 
1971 Sunday School teacher murders family, then disappears.  Why are the 70's so filled with 
Mayham I wonder?  
I am setting my task aside, just for awhile, before my attention and response are ready to focus!
Until that happens, Shari S. of New Jersey, made me a Halloween book, accompanied by vintage Halloween classics!   ( my tricker treaters loved this loudly, of course, so did I)

Each page, detailed collage and thoughtful dark messages!  As well as a necklace with a leg bone!

" Birds of a feather" flock together, even in the stranger world of PenPals!

Winter Moon has reminded me, The 5th of November!   

In my part of the world, laws prohibit my love of huge raging bonfires....long story....

What was cause then is cause now!   Humans really don't evolve , where it counts.

Please visit  and visit other Hallowvember participants, Spooky Moon has 
tons of amazing ideas to keep that mush between our eyes ALIVE!
Thank you to Insomniac' s Attic for luring me in!  🌟


  1. A necklace with a leg bone! You lucky duck!

  2. I love that doll! I am jealous of her clothes!

    November is hot in Australia so there would probably be fire bans, even if we did burn effigies of Guy Fawkes! Oh well!

  3. Did I lure you in? I don't remember that! Chalk another thing up to old age, along with the bad eyesight and terrible hearing, I suppose. Nice lot of gifts you got there, Debi! :D

  4. So happy to hear you are being surrounded by inspiration...your gifts are are those you send out :D XXX


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