Friday, October 30, 2015

All Hallow's Eve***thy true heart revealed❤️


 SWISH, another year flies past.  Ever reminded of the ticking croc.  Find comfort,
 many have thought the same thoughts and many will continue after.  Memories are immortal.

In the deepest, darkest of nights, I remind you of the power, your power, human power, 
the power of " Will"

This night, my special night, I am free to think and be Me!  Weightless to the air around me,
giddy in my soul.   Battles have been fought, the War continues.  Inner strength appreciated,
stored, for the dormant months ahead.

Let's all grin for a year well done!  Here's Looking At YOU!   A wink and a nod , Leap!

What is that I hear?   Scamper,  scamper, growl, screech !  wHAt Is THIS!!!!!

Party has begun!   Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed year ahead🌟🌟🌟❤️

                           HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN !!!!! 

Thank you, Gina M. for Epiphany (hand knitted doll)
Thank you Rhisanna C. for elegant skull tea set and new friend doll pattern
Special thank you to my husband for lighting, dead guy sculpture & sense of humour!



  1. Happy Hallowe'en, Debi! And I'd like to have some of what you're having in that FB video, please. ;)

  2. Have a wonderful Hallowween Debi x

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, images. Happy Halloween, Debi ♥

  4. Have a wonderful Samhain! Your tea party looks fabulous!

  5. Thank you ALL for visiting this Celebration! xoxoxoxo

  6. Fabulous greetings!!! ...That musician looks awesome too, a great addition to the party Blessed Be dear sister :D XXX

  7. Gorgeous photos, Debi!! Happy Halloween! xo

  8. Hope you had a very Happy Halloween! xxx

  9. Wonderful party, I love the girls' purple skirts!
    Happy Halloween, dearest!

  10. Halloween would t be complete without ALL of YOU! Thank you very much for your friendship and inspiration! XO Debi

  11. Happy Halloween to you and all the wonderful doll people!

  12. Hoping your Halloween was a wonderful adventure and that you were able to connect with the spirits! The dolls looked like they had a grand old time!

  13. Happy Halloween to you, Debi and thank you so much for being the owner of the original tea set and for all the dolls you bring into life! I love everything you make with my little pattern and it's exciting to see each new variation being created. Hugs for you!


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