Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Upon A Dusk Damsels Dream*

Accolade and Treble imagine a perfect night, under the Thunder Moon.  Dancing, freely, roaring fire
blazing, gentle breeze, twinkle stars winking at their every move.  Massive Mighty pines protect
them , magical night, intoxicates.

Instead....a quiet candle lite evening with their favorite books!

Accolade ...Witches Love Spells!

Treble....Edgar Allan Poe!

Doll Patterns by:

If you are a Doll Collector or  Doll Maker, click on Doll Days of Summer , hosted by Holly's Horrorland and be featured!  Maybe next year that would include ME?!!
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  1. OMG! These two ladies are absolutely amazing Debi!..and shall make more!!!! :D XXX

    1. I agree. A brown haired blue eyed doll would be just divine. Xo

  2. Oh, Debi, they're wonderful! Such lovely faces! And where did you get that doll chair, it's perfect for them? So much love!

  3. Accolade and Treble are wonderful, Debi! And I love their taste in reading material!! ;D

  4. Oh dear Debi, I ADORE these dolls! They have excellent taste in books, clothing, and decor! I'd love to feature you this year, if you'll allow me?

  5. Accolade and Treble are stunning! And we share the same tastes in books, so they must be brilliant, too. *giggles* ♥

  6. Oh your dolls are delightful Miss Debi! Love love love them and their enchanting ways! So very sweet!

  7. Debi, I really love them! They are wonderful!

  8. Oh Debi, these are beautiful (and I love the Poe book, too) ♥


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