Saturday, February 14, 2015

Holly Horrorland's "Vampire Soire" 2015

Secret Invitations sent out to those who hold February 14th in their special way!

Epiphany and Jack are awaiting the neighbours to arrive, eager to settle their curiosities.

Yes, the romantic styled house has been empty for many generations, it is exactly the 
cozy comfort that Epiphany is missing.

Preparations are complete, the name plates are placed on chairs.  Bats fluttering in their bellies,
Epiphany & Jack sigh deeply, pour a special blend and wait for the Vampire Soiree to begin! 

  My nasty sweetheart, you glow!   Blood pudding and rare blend vintage, a setting
      fit for a Count! Jack proudly remarked.

Holly B Strange, is so lovely to include us this year, and Emma, devilishly suggested such
 a gifted artist for the name cards, whispered Epiphany.

Jack pushed his chair aside and scooped up his partner.  " I need to whirl you my dear, 
Twirl and of course, Dip"!

Let us all spin and twirl , all woes be gone.   Thank you to our event planner, Holly and
Sophia Rapata for the amazing cards. 



  1. Oh Debi, this is perfect! I love your setting, Epiphany & Jack are so lucky, and those cards are simply gorgeous!

    Happy Vampire's Day! x

  2. What a delightful party, I'm so happy Epiphany and Jack invited me along, they'd done wonders with the house and it was so lovely to see such a romantic couple twirling around the dance floor. Happy Vampire Day.

  3. What a creepy good doll party!

  4. Oh, what a delightful little party!

    It's funny, I've got a picture of that gate on my Pinterest board - always wanted one like that in real life. :)

  5. Jack is such a catch. Everyone wants a man who can twirl, I think. I bet Epiphany is delighted! ^♥^

  6. Epiphany & Jack's party table, chairs, tea set and place cards are vamptastically wonderful, Debi! ❤ A perfect dolly soiree!!

  7. So loving the romance between Epiphany and Jack...has wonderful images of them twirling to that gorgeous tune :D XXX

  8. Looks like a bloody good time was had by all!

  9. I LOVE everything! Especially the place cards and song! Perfect!
    Thanks so much for attending the Soiree! Hope you had a happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^

  10. Thank you everyone for visiting and your very kind comments! Holly, this is always FUN! in the Dead of a Sever Winter! Huge Hugs to all!,,

  11. What wonderful pictures and story! Thank you!

  12. This posting for Vampire Soiree is delightful and I adore Jack and Epiphany. So classy and tasteful is this table setting. THanks for the fun, Oma Linda


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