Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Nevermore Rapport : R.I.P. E.A.P.

Beaudelair would be envious that you, Edgar Allen Poe, is revered year after year!  Ageless groups of doe- eyed enthusiasts swooning from imagined romance, being " the one" who rhymed the poem with the lyrical name!  Griswald, haunting the Enquirer with greasy sleeze tales to fuel an already charmed
I find any author of poetry most fascinating .  Especially, dark, brooding, dipped in absinth, opening a 
crack, a glimpse, of once was a purely beating heart. " I can heal you"! 

Snap out of it crone!

Now where was I ?

Harpsecord waltzes , swishing finery sway
Nod, Curtsey , clench my arm, taken  away
Count it out , keep up, head held high
Hum, soft hiss, twirl , sigh
Confident glimmering eyes , my prey, your mine
Forcing my direction, willfulness, denied
This can not be I must be released
Hum, soft hiss, twirl , .......FLY!

That concludes my offering to Annie's celebration.  I am off to visit you all and learn, drool and 
Be immensely inspired! 
Thank you all , and special hugs to Rhissanna who quietly discovered my other blog , nudged me with courage and was followed by Sharon ,Magaly , Gina and Emma!!! 
Thank you Annie Walls, ( introduction made by Emma) I must confess I never read Poe, but loved
the movie " The Raven" Now I may say " I've read Edgar Allen Poe's poetry collection" 

HALLOWS EVE! is my favorite night, secretly I rejoice , feathers ready!  
I would love to gift this fantabulous C.S.Lewis novel to celebrate my new chapter!  
Winner will be notified.


  1. WHoo hoo! Love the swirling twirling of your words!!!, and the image works perfectly too :D XXX

  2. I believe you are correct and then some, my dearest Debi. I'm sure old Baudelaire read your post and poked his own eye sockets, while screaming, "Must I suffer Poe-awesomeness forevermore!!!!" And the answer is... you bet!

    I love that you, too, have falling for our Poe. He loves collecting hearts, you know? Now let's hope he doesn't hide ours in the wall. If he does, we'll tell tales about it. ;-D

  3. Oh Debi, ♥ I love that you have a secret blog (even though it's not a secret any more). Wonderful words and images combine, to create a bewitching post! x

  4. Thank you for being part of this Poe celebration, even if there are others deseving of being reverd s well. I am glad we get this excuse to visit and enjoy and share our talents.

  5. Oh, this Po(e)st is dark and lush and P(o)erfect, Debi! ❤ The painting is wonderful! Is that your work? I'm so happy that you started this blog as an outlet for your creative awesomeness!

  6. Oooh! You know, I didn't know I'd stumbled on a secret poetry garden when I found the blog. I'm so delighted you're doing this, and moving forward. Writing always looks daunting until you sit down and do it. Then you realise there's nothing to be scared of. It's work, sometimes hard work, but it's not scary once you start. Hugs for you and Halloween! (Love C S Lewis. I haven't read "Screwtape" for decades, but I do remember lots of it was bitterly, wickedly funny.)

  7. Thank you ALL! for you kindness and visits! Rhissana & Emma your gift is in the mail!xoxoDebi


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